Remember that time you needed a crown, but you had to do it in two visits?  Well, we were aware of the inconvenience of spending an extra few hours driving to and from the office again on a different day, but at the time, the best quality dentistry came from taking impressions and and sending the case to an outside lab to fabricate the crown or onlay before we could deliver the final restoration.

Finally,  we can do it in just one visit!  No more temporaries and no more second appointments!  With the latest in Cad/Cam technology,  we can take digital pictures of your teeth rather than impressions, and make a permanent crown or onlay right here in our office the very same day!   We have been watching this technology evolve for over 20 years, and even tried a similar system three years ago, but the quality just wasn’t there yet.  Now it is.  It’s not only as good as our lab, but in some ways it is even better!  It is truly a huge step forward for both convenience and quality.

This may sound too good to be true, and believe us, we all were skeptics at first.  But this new CEREC 4.0 is truly amazing.  Having used the CEREC machine in our office for about two months now, we are ecstatic about the quality it’s produced.  We can promise that patients who use the CEREC will be satisfied and excited about their beautiful porcelain crowns, veneers, or whatever they may need!